Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

The Milo & Teal Books are for children- and their parents, who know we are creating a better future. Thirteen orphans learn how to reach their full potential with Milo & Teal’s loving help. Coming forB our future: the planet Zog, Milo & Teal are fully awake humans with a mission! Books 1-3 are currently available as digital books with exquisite hand drawn illustrations from author Isabel Aimee PhD.

With our special offer below, you can purchase all three books, receive these digitally and within two months, receive the signed hardbound books- the very lovely square format will soon be in the second edition. You will also have the chance to support a VERY REAL ORPHANAGE with your purchase! The creativity, intuition, and contact to SOURCE of Milo & Teal, will be used to help 200 REAL ORPHANS, gain creative materials , enrich their environment and add to their joy, delight and personal expression.

Buy the books and support a VERY REAL Orphanage!

You will receive an email for postage to be calculated. (Currently shipping to the USA is £11.00)

The price shown here is for BOTH the Digital and Hardback Book 1 Birds of a Feather @ £25 + postage

You can also choose on the options tab to purchase all three books @ £75, + postage, donating £15 to the Orphanage!  If you would like to purchase the Kindle Book, please visit the KINDLE link HERE.