Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

The Planet Zog came to me in transmissions in 2000: soon I was discovering their way of Spirituality, Medicine, Education, Industry, Communication, Agriculture, Mining, Building, Manufacture, Animal Husbandry- you name it. At first the much-listened-to radio show, "Transmissions From the Planet Zog" was launchcd on Glastonbury FM and then Luckystarradio, airing worldwide. Zog soon called stronger, revealing itself to be OUR EARTH in the not too distant future. The two lively characters of Milo & Teal were discovered and added to the gamut of friendly faces (and voices) and the Milo & Teal Books were born. Books 1,2 and 3 are published here at INSPIRITION. The fourthbook, is due end of 2023- with a great reveal about secret space programmes, interdimensional communication and what really goes on beneath the surface of ourselves and our planet.