Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

A Course in Enchanted Learning  to Re-Activate Your Creativity and Intuition                                                                                                      

You actully get to choose which module you will address each week. Each week has a discussion page where you can upload the results of your weekly projects. Every week helps you build up your intuitive powrs of creativity- you will be learning to truly trust in yourself.

INTRODUCTION. Finding your school curricula in everything: the first week will be all about finding math, physics, chemistry, history, geography, biology, language and english in everything around you.

Week 2 is Play-Act a story you saw happening in the world around you

Week 3 You are going to extract a series of movements

Week 4 Most of you know what an, ‘Opera” is, but I am sure many of you would run and hide, if I asked you to attend one with me!

Week 5  The Story Create a costume character:

Week 6 Create a costume character:

Week 7 Own your inner meditation guru-


Week 8 I want you to look at your room....

Week 9 What can you undertake at home in one week, to bring more nature into you home?

Week 10  Create a life-size self portrait!

Week 11 Imagine you were a billionaire....

Week 12 Develop a miniature landscape