Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

This training takes one year (48 sessions) of weekly two hour small group online sessions :

we meet according to time-zones for two hours of online theoretical and experiential learning, working our way through the modules above.

Each week you take the information further, through suggested exercises, in which you train yourself  pracitcally, in these perceptions and techniques of awareness, processing and support.

(This is for a recommended minimum of 4-hours )

At the end of the course, you will receive accreditation and networks to existing alternative educators for mutual support and exchange of ideas and approaches.

This is not training in dogma, but an approach to learning, based upon how we accrue wisdom in this world through resonance with our spirit, developed over my working lifetime of 35 years and previous lifetimes. Much of this methodology was practiced during Lemurian times on this planet.

The INSPIRITION @The Speaking House Full ‘Teacher/Facilitator’ Training will equip you to work with children either in Homeschooling settings or community schools and new schools.

(A further module is available, for an additional year of practical and theoretical study, to enable YOU to train adults to work with you in your NEW EARTH schools.)

The Full Teacher- Training as an INSPIRITION facilitator @The Speaking House   

is currently being offered to you at £3600, payable in three instalments.  

The training is based upon my three textbooks:

From Duty to Joy: The handbook for children’s 5-D learning.

The Source-Energy Handbook to Activating Your Creativity &

Brave Souls: How to Act good and Feel better

If you wish to purchase these below, you are entitled to a full refund of this purchase price, once you book the full training course.

Honouring the Spirit and its true purpose in our Human body-selves has not yet

been practiced widespread in education, other than the Pestalozzi, Quito, the

Tekos, Russia and a few beginnings in the Free-School movement across the planet.

Full Teacher- Training as an INSPIRITION facilitator @The Speaking House qualifies you to encourage, allow, strengthen and maintain each child's connection to the DIVINE SOURCE FIELD- our CREATOR in a learning setting.

The 48 weeks' coursework is divided into:

The Child and her/his growth, joy and healing

Conscious Parenting

Theories of Learning

What is the Intuition and how does it manifest?

Learning Stimulus: what is the Prepared Environment and how do we provide it?

Playful Experimentation: why does it work, how does it look, what is it in action?

Multi-Sensory Learning: Why does it work, how do we make it possible?

Baggage-less Children- how can we facilitate this?

Elements of The Prepared Environment

Living and Learning in the Outside World

New models for Schools, New Subjects for Learning ( remote-viewing, energy scanning, healing)

Now that we comprehend the vast extent to which our cognitive processes have been hi-jacked, our spiritual expression suppressed and our innate human talents and higher-skills downgraded and ridiculed, it is time to create new approaches to learning. As we realise our freedom, sovereignty and human status is valuable, it is urgent and vital that we train the teachers of tomorrow for children, schools and universities. We need to allow our children to think, to feel and connect with their living spirit within. And to do that, we adults must also.