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12 week course, which covers how your child learns, what they need to learn and how to provide it in your  HOMESCHOOL environment.

The ultimate detailed personal course including 210 minutes one on one focused assessment and consultation of how to adapt your home and lifestyle  to enable your child’s home learning, in addition to the Enchanted Learning and CREATE YOUR OWN HOMESCHOOL 12 week courses.

12 week course to recover your child’s innate creative, imaginative and intuitive abilities. the perfect preparation for HOMESCHOOLING.


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Homeschool Q & A

Below are some of the most frequent questions and concerns held by parents engaging in HOMESCHOOL. Stepping out of traditional school curricula has the biggest rewards, but is not without its challenges:

"How do I remain in 'Encouraging Parent Mode' and not become the, 'Disciplinary Teacher'?"

This is the major mind-shift for us parents to grasp, and the area I feel the most passionate about to help you with. We know that it is actually the Inner Being of your Child who is the Teacher. Your role as an adult is to engage in conversation with your child, to help them identify and release their interests and passions and to work together to prepare an environment where they can pick up the threads to find out more. Once you supply this, even just a little, your job is not to actively help your child follow the 'thread' of these interests, but watch where they lead.

Together, you and your child are going to look at your resources in a new light, and build your lateral-thinking muscles. Learning is not what we;ve been conditioned to think it is. If you have a passionto discover a subject, you can pack in four years of a school curriculum into six months. We are here for the new model of learning, Child-Directed, where the subjects they invest their energy in correlate directly to their internal gifts. I will be able to help you structure your home environment so that it becomes a place of possibility and expansion.

"Is it really possible to allow my child to choose what she learns? What if she doesn't choose the right things- the things she needs to know to have a career?"

We have decades of documented proof that children, if allowed to be self-directed within an environment which has been prepared with their thirst for knowledge in mind, will grow into responsible, gifted, intelligent, emotionally balanced adults. It may seem daunting at first, when all your child wants to do is cook in the kitchen- or play outdoor sports. What we need to remember is, that children are closer to SOURCE/God than we usually are, just because of their fewer years of Earth-life. They are able to exercise their own internal balancing homeostasis far more readily than us adults, often entrapped in jobs and positions of responsibility, which call forth specific behaviours from us.

Children will seek balance. If they have struggled with sitting in class for a year, they will seek out ways to balance this. They are still learning- just not as our schooled minds would expect. If you truly beleive they need to spend more time writing ( for example)- spend more time writing yourself. Be the one who inspires  through your own example. For example, bring examples of inspired writing into your home. Read more, cultivate a story-time ( even if your child IS eleven years old!), equip your environment with signs and symbols of the joy and brilliance to be found in the realms of writing, buy some coloured inks for a fountain pen! If you force any subject, your child will auomatically rebel. If you allow space for your child to fel inspired, you will cultivate genius.

"How do I go about creating an environment conducive to learning, when I am busy looking after the other little ones at home? I feel I have no time to assist my child, or prepare adequately for his lessons."

The time you spend on creating and nurturing your child's learning does not necessarily need to be when he is actively engaged in it during the day. You can use evenings, family outings, or even visits from adult friends, to pursue finding resources, books, equipment, or even space for your son to work in. The more you 'get out of the way' physically, the freer your son will feel in his pursuit of knowledge. What children want is a feeling of emotional security- rootedness- knowing you are on-hand if he truly needs you, yet being free to pursue his interests. If you can spend your moments of free-time preparing materials (ordering books, buying materials, and clearing a space for him to experiment and study undistrubed by the little ones), he will feel cherished, yet able to pursue his interests without interruption.

My one-on-one sessions can help you identify the best spaces for your child to work: places where they dont feel abandoned, but they also feel free enough to work independently. It is a balance, which, if you can tweak it right, will serve you both.

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A Play in Two Days!

Put on a play over a weekend

Ages 6-13

One-on-one Performing Arts Sessions

INSPRITION @The Speaking House : self-directed  resonance-learning in the prepared environment  -for children and adults. This is the approach to learning and education, which encourages, allows, strengthens and maintains our connection to the DIVINE SOURCE FIELD- our CREATOR.

We need a brand-new education system for our New Earth :

the more we unveil, the more we realise every system has been hi-jacked to serve these who controlled. We are sovereign beings, free spirits- who LOVE to learn. Children, adults, we need to be able to self-direct our education according to the knowing of our SPIRIT- our inner being.

Full Teacher- Training as an INSPIRITION @The Speaking House facilitator

Text Books

for The Speaking House Courses:

From Duty to Joy: The handbook for children’s 5-D learning.

Explaining and describing the conditions necessary (and how to create them), for home learning and INSPIRITION-based schools.

The Source-Energy Handbook to Activating Your Creativity

Laying out the modes of imagination, it’s essential role in our lives, and how to encourage and utilise it . For adults and children.

Transmissions From The Planet Zog Books 1,2,&3 Milo & Teal: Birds of a Feather, Vibration Works, & How to Transition.

Stories from future Earth (Zog), where children from the future empower thirteen orphans to lead fully-activated human lives. Utilising the greenest natural technology and healthful relationships to nature.

Singing Rainbows: a handbook to using and activating your full singing voice

Brave Souls: How to Act good and Feel better

A guide to the workings of your human emotions and how to successfully transition through them. For actors and all emotional beings.

Your Voice Heals: the definitive guide to voice Published November 2024

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