Up to3 hrs teaching in one session- individual classes run for sixty minutes with 5 minute breaks.

Classes cost is £40 for one hour and £400 for the term of 12 weeks, to be booked at term begin with fifty % deposit.

Now, more than ever, we want to be with people to learn, to develop our natural talents, and to experience joy, and excitement again together.

The Speaking House is a unique place to study The Performing Arts. The main difference between us, and existing performing arts schools is that, where they use prescribed, narrow programmes The Speaking House cultivates personal creativity, integrity and growth. Our goal, is to maintain and nurture the innate creativity in each and every person attending The Speaking House.

-Whether you are learning to act, to dance or to sing, (or choreography, song-writing, script-writing, producing, costume design, creating sets), it’s all about, what is it within you that wants to grow and develop.

What I love, is developing and exploring, and experimenting, and playing. And from that landscape, you get beautiful, innovative, fresh exciting productions, as well as just the joy and fun of learning in your own unique way. It also means that, whoever is slow, whoever is fast, there are endless styles of learning and none of them are right or wrong. You can actually adapt and be fully yourself in this place.

If we can remind our children of the resilience of their human spirit, well, you’ve removed one of the big steps we’ve created in our society, which is ‘break, then mend’. You don’t have to break- you just grow.

My last fifteen years of teaching practice have been focused at one of the top primary schools in Britain.

I’ve written books: Singing Rainbows- a guide to your voice, Brave Souls: How to Act Good and Feel Better, The Source Energy Guide to Activating Your Creativity, and From Duty to Joy: a Handbook of Children’s 5-D learning as well as volumes of children's fiction.

The Speaking House is not just an empty village hall. Where this creative magic happens, the environment is conceived from the basis of joy and creative development, formed of colour, nature and many unstructured materials. This link to nature and its endless field of possibility and creative inspiration, is completely embedded in every interior and exterior room at The Speaking House.

An enormous amount of time and energy goes into preparing the environment, so that your child is activated onto transformational journeys.

Together, we can enable children to stay vibrant, brilliant, creative, active, conscious, and alive, in this world.

Now, more than ever, we really need to give our children this, ‘leg up’, and give them the ability to maintain their inner stability. If they can retain a knowing of who they are, and their connection to their true inner-being, they have real hope.

In my mind, it is time to reverse this strange ‘inside-out’ quality that we have been experiencing in our world, and start to really invest and put our energy where it can truly do good work. This new paradigm of not leaving damage, which we need to heal from, - instead, maintaining, establishing, building, nurturing, strengthening, and developing the capacity of each child- this is the paradigm of sovereignty and personal power . We need to build it, we need to nurture it and we need to provide more places where this can happen.

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