Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

The Milo & Teal Books are for children- and their parents, who know we are creating a better future. Thirteen orphans learn how to reach their full potential with Milo & Teal’s loving help. Coming forB our future: the planet Zog, Milo & Teal are fully awake humans with a mission! Books 1-3 are currently available as digital books with exquisite hand drawn illustrations from author Isabel Aimee PhD.

With our special offer below, you can purchase all three books, receive these digitally and within two months, receive the signed hardbound books- the very lovely square format will soon be in the second edition. You will also have the chance to support a VERY REAL ORPHANAGE with your purchase! The creativity, intuition, and contact to SOURCE of Milo & Teal, will be used to help 200 REAL ORPHANS, gain creative materials , enrich their environment and add to their joy, delight and personal expression.

Buy the books and support a VERY REAL Orphanage!

The price shown here is for BOTH the Digital and Hardback Book 1 Birds of a Feather @ £25 + postage

You can also choose on the options tab to purchase all three books @ £75, + postage,  donating £15 to the Orphanage!  If you would like to purchase the Kindle Book, please visit the KINDLE link HERE.


The Milo & Teal: Transmissions from the Planet Zog books are inspiring  stories, for our children to see, feel and hear what our future Earth is like: The two children, Milo & Teal, live on Zog- which turns out to be Earth in our future. Milo & Teal talk and communicate with plants minerals and animals -it’s normal for them. They create with their feelings on a daily basis and they live in love and joy and plenty. Because of this, they decide to help and work with the children of our planet.

What they discover is a woman who travelled to Zog in her childhood. She now leads a class of 13 orphans in India, and they are discovering their true selves, their real innate talents, their self-esteem, and the love for themselves, each other, and the planet. These books contain  the story of how these two peoples go on to create wonderful things in the world.

Eventually ( Book 3 How to Transition) The Orphanage goes on to become a world centre of inspiration for true education of children’s joy, creativity, intuition and self esteem.

These books are loved and read by children at the four corners of our earth. They are ecologically conscious, humanly conscious, disclosure books, serving our star-seed children and all of their friends. Ages 8 upwards.

When you buy one of these books, you are giving your child a window into their true reality, AND supporting an extraordinary orphanage which, whilst not in India, as in the books, is actively working to give children the means to thrive.

Each time you purchase a Milo & Teal Book, £4.50 ( or a whopping £15 when you purchase all three books ) of your money goes towards funding the creative intuitive development of 200 real Orphans!