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Activating Human Potential

INSPIRITION Integrated Healing: How to live and love with an open heart -your super power to information, emotional purifying and expanded joy

We need to be able to surf the emotional highways of now: the seas are rough, and we require all of our energy- physical, mental and spiritual to direct at what needs changing in our lives and the world.

Our families are under attacks from all corners and we need to be able to hold the atmosphere in which they can grow and live- happily. It is a huge task!

While my many, 'The Heavenly Tea' videos ( my rumble channel) demonstrate how you can clear, clean and maintain your human energy-body from your spirit, I can also work with you on-on-one, or as a family unit, using my unique blend of remote healing, remote viewing, family constellations and connecting into spirit: past, present or future. We can scan your physical body, entering into past situations, which created beliefs, pinpoint the origin of beliefs and actually heal them, through loving energy transmissions, and activations from Source Energy/God/Prime Creator. Email me below to book a private two hour session.

My mission, is to teach people to be their full selves.-a Human Soul midwife!

Now, more than ever, we need to dare to birth the 'new and never-before seen', into our world- breaking the control agendas.

Your body, spirit and mind is a problem-solving vehicle to discover, uncover and re-create the world as we know it should be:  presenting extraordinary tools, which can be used to access the information fields beyond the everyday, beyond computers and search engines.

You can tap the cosmic field of akashic records, quantum / morphogenetic field

and shift fear and trauma into possibility and new awareness, uplifting you in to stronger connection with your inner being/greater self/God, where you can become more creative and free. We will and can build our world anew!

The realm of the spiritual contains all the solutions to every answer we may yet pose. Accessing it has been elusive as we were conditioned to believe we couldn't.

But it truly is easy in a state of playful, joyous grace.

Enjoy my video 'play-shops' and book a session with me for you or your group, to access, enable and implement solutions for every aspect rof uyour personal and community life.

There are many tools, like remote viewing, where you can access and change the direction of energy in your life. What we previously thought of as mere 'fun' and 'distraction' are very potent tools of investigation in the spiritual realms.

Whether we are looking for something apparently lost, solving a spcific problem, expanding our soul mission, freeing ourselves of past emotional trauma or wanting to heal and construct new loving systems for the world:

I can also teach you to use  FIVE fields of play in these investigations and wonder-revelations:


You can access your infinite being and gain access to any information regarding you, or the world around you. (Remote viewing, regression, hypnosis are all used to do this, but itis actually MUCH EASIER than this!)


You can learn to trust yourself  as you doodle solutions and revelations with the 'right brain' state of relaxation.  


Received sound is the most effective  energy-tool to promote healing, change atmospheres, shift darkness and purify your body and surrounding space. You can also receive messages in spontaneously received songs


The realms of improvisation facilitate deeper intuitions and knowing into situations. Role-play in the imaginative realms is accessing etheric knowledge.  You can re-direct events, discover more about deeper motivations and demonstrate emotional interactions and use Family Constellation-type tools to do this.


Allowing your body to move freely to demonstrate where healing and release need to occur, to reveal beliefs held too tightly and to experience spiritual movement within our bodies as we expand to allow more of our humanity to surface and express.

What is happening in your body, your mind, your soul?

How can you heal and address issues arising in your life?

How can you birth your creations into the world?

How can you nurture these as you bring your ideas into the world?

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